An open letter to my Mother





I’m writing this letter from my bedroom because I don’t want any distractions or anyone peering over my shoulder *cough cough* while I type this.
I know you care for and love me, and I know I will never be able to understand how much until I have a child of my own.
I know that you worry about me and it keeps you up at night, but you need to know that I am ok.
I have never or ever will take drugs. I do not smoke. I rarely drink for a twenty four year old. I am childless and single, and I am honestly ok with being without someone for a while.
I went to University and passed. You know I love to travel and will continue to see more of this beautiful world once I have saved up enough money to do so.
Yes, I failed that one exam and lied about it, because I hate to fail, and don’t kno anyone else who doesn’t. Don’t take it personally – that was very much a me thing.

I am not wasting my life, or throwing away opportunities, because I know what I want from life, and sometimes that is just a long lie in!
I am ok with my weight right now, and if I want to lose a few pounds I will do that when I want to.
I am not you. I am not married now as you were at my age. I haven’t found that special person yet. I don’t have my dream job, or enough money to buy a house of my own – but one day I know I will.
I know I will have a career because I am ambitious and motivated and am driven to do something good with my life – because you taught me to be like this.

I might disappoint you, I might do something you disagree with but I will never stop being myself.

I love you too, but you must stop comparing me to my brother, other people and yourself.
Please don’t feel I’m being too harsh, but I felt something needed to be said.
Your daughter