Broadchurch Ep 3: So many questions…


So, the news is out.

And the (ex) husband can’t remember what happened.

And who sent Trish that threatening text messages and the flowers at night? What kind of person does that?

I can’t say I believe it was the ex-husband, as Broadchurch love springing surprises on us, and it seems a bit too obvious. And honestly, who would have guessed the first series’ killer would be the copper’s husband?

Trish and her ex have both confessed to having argued before it happened, and clearly her ex ( for the life of me, I can’t remember his name) isn’t dealing with the new girlfriend/separation very well.

I was waiting to see if and when Trish would find out who Beth was. I believe her honesty will help Trish in the long run but her words ‘it never goes away’ and she has carried on for Danny, were touching.

The shop owner (Lenny Henry) appears to have a temper on him, and I think he is telling the truth, to an extent…

But it can’t be the cabbie? Can it? He’s a liar and a cheat, yes, and I couldn’t help but want to reach into the television, give this wife  big cwtch and tell he she needs to leave him! For her and her son’s sake!

And we heard out that Alec disappeared for 2 years (yes it was to be with his family, a noble thing to do) and despite their love-hate relationships, I was surprised to hear he hadn’t even called Ellie in that time. Come on, surely she’s a friend and a colleague after everything?


And what was that on Tom’s phone? Something tells me it’s local people on that video, local people who shouldn’t be anywhere near each other. Possibly the same thing as on the laptop of the ex-husbands?

Ellie is right, the net is widening, doesn’t seem to be narrowing down enough to pick out main suspects. Too many people are hiding what they did and where they really were that night…

Sooo many questions from tonight, I’m really going to have to start writing them all down.







Broadchurch ep 2: Everyone has a secret..

So we’re only on episode 2,  but with more than a few looks from some shifty characters, at this point it could be anyone..!



Granted this one wasn’t as powerful as the first episode, but we’ve learnt a lot more and we’re introduced to more characters, adding to this series’ plot.

The ex husband (though they’re not divorced) is definitely hiding something and her friend Kath’s husband (can’t remember his name) is acting strangely too.. by surely it’s too obvious to be one of them?!?

And who is Lenny Henry’s character?

Is he important? and how is his relationship with his daughter, the annoying junior police officer who is reallly annoying Ellie and well, me too, if I’m honest.

Miller and Alec are back in their usual love-hate relationship, but appear to be on the right tracks.

And it turns out Trish really is hiding something.. my guess is she’s been about town and is keeping quiet in fear of what the police might think..

It’s hard to see Mark still struggling to come to terms with Danny’s death or the fact that justice wasn’t served and Joe Miller is out there, living his life, and Danny’s was cruelly taken away at just 11-years-old.

And of course, the news that Maggie would have to relocate to keep her reporting job, was horribly too close to home.

Unfortunately this seems to be happening all over the country, staff redundancies, lack of resources, real local stories being dumped for clickbait nonsense.. *sigh*

My housemate seems certain that Reverend Rory (we like Dr Who), is his name Paul in this?

Anyway, she seems sure he has something to do with it, given how empty the church is on Sunday mornings, and people only turn to him during their dark days…

But I refuse to believe he has anything to do with it.

So who could it be? Well, I’m still stumped, thought that doesn’t stop my mind from wondering

Until next week I guess..