Who we are

Kids lean
watch the screen
keen to see the latest fad
watching but not taking it in
not thinking of something else
or somewhere else or
dream of what could be

She looks
and glares
and stares
and eyeballs herself
for hours and hours
poking and prodding
feeling disgusting
before running to the bathroom
to flush away the evidence.

He worries
and panics
‘You need to lighten up’ they say,
‘Come and have a drink!’
It’s not that easy
And they know it.
He needs to get the grades
He wont succeed without working hard
He can’t let them down again.

We stress and agonize
over grades and appearances
not thinking that in years
none of this will matter.

We’ll look back and say
‘Wow, was I really like that?’
I’m glad I changed when I did
I hope my children won’t feel the same regret

We socialise with a coffee
and over a small white screen
saying anything we want
because its different face to face

We look with our eyes
and keep our mouths shut
because the typing does the speaking for us

We need to stop this now
before its too late
before no one needs to talk any more
and before we don’t want to

Don’t look back and say
‘Wow, was I really like that?’
Live in the now
take part
look around

Be involved in the present
as who you are
as who you want to be

You never know what your missing out on.




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