Today I am one of those.

Maybe I shouldn’t buy my coffee here, but damnit I do like it, and I do support local places, and don’t particularly favour this place…

But, I need to calm down.

I am reminded of the Sex and the city episode, where main character and all round fabulous but selfish Carrie Bradshaw runs to her nearest store, escaping from her clingy but sweet boyfriend at the time.

She too is on her laptop in a busy cafe, wondering why people have been drawn here, and I find myself doing that too.

I can hear a few languages, some I’ve heard before, and people are mainly sat by themselves like me.

A couple is sat near me and I can feel the glare of the woman one me, so I angle my laptop away from her and turn my screen brightness right down.


(My view of Embankment station ^^)

And that Zayn and Taylor Swift song from 50 SHADES is on, and I find myself singing along, surprised at just how much I know and like this one..


Id love to plug cup the courage to ask people why they are here. Why they have chosen this place, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking…

How nosy of me. But I love people watching. Wondering what their relationship is with each other, where they’re headed and why?

But surely Im not the only one who thinks like this?

I ahem stumbled across this by author Simon Sinek:

“Starbucks was founded around the experience and the environment of their stores. Starbucks was about a space with comfortable chairs, lots of power outlets, tables and desks at which we could work and the option to spend as much time in their stores as we wanted without any pressure to buy. The coffee was incidental. “

Very true, no?




So many issues, so little time…

So I popped into Cafe Nero today for my morning latte and having not had one in ONE WHOLE DAY, I was gasping and realised that I may have a caffeine problem, but that’s a story for another day..


I ordered a skinny latte, double shot to wake me up, no food no sweets, despite me checking that the blueberry muffin was only 412 calories and I was set on having salad for lunch and a gym session later.

The woman behind me had a nice checkered shirt on and was a little curvy.

She also ordered a latter and a pain au chocolat to sit in.. and I was taking mine to go.
Now I am a healthy person, I exercise 5 times a week, not including walking to work when its not raining (but I live in Wales and a rain-free morning isn’t a regular occurrence)
I eat salads or light food for lunch and snack on fruit or cereal bars.

I don’t let myself eat chocolate a lot, and think to myself that the Galaxy bar in the fridge can keep til Friday, because it’s the weekend and everyone deserves a treat! (yes I realise how I sound right now)


I really fancied that muffin in Nero, and sometimes at the gym I would rather be at home, in my pjs watching soaps and maybe eating ‘junk food’.

Every time i eat something bad (ice cream that is low fat, the odd chocolate bar, another slice of bread) I feel AWFUL.

Like i shouldn’t be doing it. And I totally agree that we should wear and look how we want to and be happy in our own skin and not judge others.

So why can’t I apply these rules to myself?

Why can’t I take a bad picture and laugh it off instead of saying ‘Take another one’ ?

Why can’t I think that this so called ‘bad food’ isn’t bad because I don’t eat it all the time and i do work it off..

Why can’t I be like that woman in Nero and just not care and enjoy a yummy chocolatey breakfast??
What is wrong with me??


BROADCHURCH: All good things……

Will Joe walk free?

AS the saying goes, all good things must come to and end, and unfortunately for us, it looks like Broadchurch isn’t coming back for a third series..

BUT do we want it to? This second series has been an emotional roller-coaster and in my opinion, just as good as the first one, despite what reviewers say.

Last night’s cliffhanger was jaw-droppingly good, and of course true Broadchurch style to leave us hanging on until next week. I could almost hear everyone scream at the television in equal despair, making us wait to find out Joe’s fate.

So happy for Jocelyn, on finally admitting her feeling for Maggie and being brave enough to say what appears to have been bottled up inside of her for years. Fortunately, she must have had years of dealing with stubborn lawyers and I’m guessing that’s why she hasn’t slapped Sharon yet.

I’m still curious to know what happened to her son, but I have a feeling that he is not all sweet and innocent as she is making him out to be.

Will the Latimer’s stay together? The more Beth ponders whether to stay with Mark, the more I’m unsure of it as well. Perhaps her finding out about the letter was too much for her, and the last thing she needs is more stress with her situation.

Claire is just as frustrating as always, and personally I found it hard to feel sorry for her when Ashworth dragged her by her hair and almost drowned her in that cold-looking Broadhcurch sea.

At least she seems to be seeking help and a better life for herself, and giving the pendant away was a good choice on her behalf, for a change! But what is she hiding and what secret is Lee hiding for her?

Hardy appears to be on top form, let’s hope he stays this way, with only one more episode to go, surely he can hang on can’t he? I don’t think I ca handle another David Tenannt style death! ( Yes, I remember his doctor’s regeneration like it was yesterday, and I still well up…)

Ellie seems to be in full swing, so that’s one less to worry about. I cannot wait to find out what happened to these poor Sandbrook girls and to see Joe sent her down (crossing everything!)

What is the meaning of the bluebells? Will Hardy and Miller crack the Sandbrook case and will the writers let it be a rare happy ending and let everyone move on from this tragedy?

Phillip Schofield ‏tweeted: ‘Aaaaaaaaarrghhhh!!!! #Broadchurch

Manon Medi asked: ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! #Broadchurch how could you!!!’

heat and heat world.com: ‘Fuming Broadchurch! Tell us now!!! #Broadchurch

Jane Hollier Brown: ‘Sitting on the couch until the next ep of #Broadchurch as a protest against nail-biting cliffhangers’.

David Thomas said: ‘Last year I had worked it out by now and I was right. This year I haven’t got a clue #broadchurch

Ben Conway stated: ‘Joe Miller will be found innocent and is then murdered. Season 3 in the bag! #Broadchurch

BROADCHURCH: So many questions, so little time!


FOR me, Broadchurch is possibly the best thing about Mondays but must they insist on taking us on an emotional rollercoaster ride during every episode?

I read online that one reviewer said the episode was the weakest one of them all so far, and I have to disagree. It may not have been as fats-paced or a non-stop drama thriller, but it did leave us asking more questions and revealed more secrets about the new characters that we are desperate to know!

Where to begin? Again, poor poor Ellie. It’s really bothering me that Tom is blaming his mother and disrespects her in that tone of voice.

And that hugged looked painful, it clearly took everything in her not to breakdown in the living room. Thank God for Fred! She may be a mess right now, but Ellie is dedicated to her sons and wouldn’t let them go for good without a good fight.

At least she threw herself into the Sandbrook murder case and picked up on something useful that Hardy missed, and that furnace we saw at the end of the episode was horrific. I think it might be what we think it is too.. Not good.

Shaun Dooley is playing a great part with Ricky. What is his problem with Lee, as the brief flashback showed us that they were friends..

I’m not sure if I believe he was having an affair with Lisa, but there could have been something there or possibly with Ashworth.. So hard to tell when Broadchurch gives you a little something and then quickly snatches it away leaving us confused but excited to find out more.

And what did Sharon Bishop’s son do to land him in prison? No wonder she is angry all the time and determined to help other criminals escape from prison!

I was glad to see Jocelyn tear Susan Wright to pieces in court, how dare she try and blame the police or her son on Danny’s murder!

Poor Nige, we know he’s innocent! Leave him alone, Susan!

One of the many conversations that triggered my curiosity was that of Jocelyn and Mark’s on the cliff. Why did she bring up the fact that an hour is missing from Mark’s account on the night of Danny’s death? Let’s hope they don’t tear him apart on the witness stand, we all know he has a temper..

And poor Paul the vicar. He should never have visited Joe in prison and now he’s being almost blackmailed into being a character witness for him? Now there’s an awkward situation for you..

Claire is starting to annoy me. Is there anyone she hasn’t slept with by now? Does she even have a role in the Sandbrook murders or is she just as blind as the rest of us?

With just three episodes to go, there are so many unanswered questions and so much to wrap up, I really hope it reveals all and we aren’t left in the dark, because there can’t be a Broadhchurch series 3….. Can there?

One again, Twitter was buzzing last night with Broadchurch tweets:

Theodora Wayte said: ‘Claire is rather annoying – I wouldn’t be sad to see the end of her.’

Jaz asked: ‘Why have I never watched broadchurch before?’

Lynda said: ‘Don’t care what the critics or sceptics say about Broadchurch. I’m loving it.#Broadchurch

Ana commented: ‘PROTECT ELLIE MILLER AT ALL COSTS #Broadchurch

BROADCHURCH: I am more confused than ever, but I’m OK with that..


FOUR episodes in and the writers just keep on throwing questions up in the air, leaving us screaming at the television for answers!

There’s still something fishy about Lee Ashworth, and new guy Ricky gives me the creeps, thought his bluebells picture in the background, has at least tried to give us some clues as to the significance of those flowers.

Meeting Hardy’s daughter and ex wife was a surprise, and a welcome one, as we saw just saw much he missed his grown up daughter and how far he would go to protect them both.

Last night’s episode was full of drama, yes, but much less so than the previous three. We learnt a bit more about the Sandbrook case, and I am certain that will leave us just as shell-shocked at the Broadchurch case did.

The witnesses for the case against Joe aren’t exactly helping the case, what was Lucy playing at?

I keep forgetting that Joe’s lawyers haven’t been through Broadchurch series one like we did, they didn’t cry with Beth and Mark, and of course, they didn’t see the actual death scene, where Joe DID it.

As much as I try and remember all this, I do hate them for trying to switch the blame and feed Joe lie after lie…

I must say, Mark Latimer seems to be turning a corner, and he really appears to be making an effort with newborn Lizzie. It made me sad to think that he will always be known for being a rubbish and abusive dad to Danny, but at least he seems to be making amends. Let’s hope it lasts.

When I saw Pauline Quirke’s character arrive, I couldn’t think of why she is back, but then she told estranged son Nige that she was dying. Sad yes, but she’s not exactly a likable character, but I thought that was that.

And then she stood up in court and lied. Cue millions of jaws dropping and screams of anger across the nation.

My ‘Surely Joe won’t get away with it’ way of thinking, even has me doubting how this series will wrap up!

Luckily, it would appear that I’m not alone in my Broadchurch-mind-boggling world, as fans took to Twitter following last night’s cliffhanger:

Miranda Dikinson said: “Blimey, @ChrisChibnall, you’re packing in more twists than a CurlyWurly… Awesome stuff! #Broadchurch

Swuidgy tweeted: “Broadchurch is doing my head in. It’s so good but so frustrating and addictive and I hate having 1 ep per week.”

Avinash D’Rosario commented: “Watching #broadchurch which the family. It’s getting intense as hell.”

Carole: “Still a bit confused about last nights #Broadchurch Think I may need to watch the last series again before next week!”

BROADCHURCH: Everyone needs to stop blaming Ellie and take a closer look at themselves!

As a big fan of Broadchurch, I LOVE that I can write a weekly blog via the local paper I write for Carmarthen Journal.

This piece is clearly last weeks, and I CANNOT wait for tonight’s! Will post tonight’s sooner as well!

Any other Broadchurch fans out there?


Ep 3:

WELL, we didn’t see that one coming!

Poor, poor Ellie Miller! Thrown out of the Latimer’s house, getting drunk and regretting an awkward one night stand and being accused of having an affair with DI Hardy?! That’s a bad week by anybody’s standards!

 “I am not the guilty one, here. I AM NOT,” – screamed Ellie in the opening scene.

Once again, Broadchurch gripped us and sucked us into the non-stop drama that was last night’s third episode.

We left Ellie in the court on the verge of a break-down after Joe’s lawyer ripped their marriage to shreds and accused Ellie of having and affair with Alec! Has she not met DI Hardy?

There is no way those two could have been having an affair, and despite rumours, I disagree that their constant arguing is to cover sexual tension, and really don’t see that happening! Surely we would have picked up on that in series one, but if we’re honest, they’re barley colleagues anymore let alone friends or anything else!

At least we know why Joe’s defence lawyer, Sharon Bishop, is the mean-spirited woman she is So why is her son in prison, and why couldn’t she get him off, surely she was defending him? True to Broadchurch style, even the new characters have a past!

Talking of pasts.. what is going on with Prosecution Barrister, Jocelyn Knight? She seems to have lost her touch in her older years and is clearly struggling to pay the bills for her sick mother, and maybe going blind? Not good.

Claire and Ellie’s rather strange ‘girls night out- because we have (possible) murderous husbands in common’ was a very bad idea, but at least Ellie was on top form glancing at Claire’s phone and asking her about ‘that night.’

So apparantley, Ashworth drugged Claire and she woke up at 5am to find him frantically cleaning the house?!

 Perhaps she is innocent and in the dark about what has happened, but I can’t help but think she is hiding something else, but it’s too obvious that Ashworth killed both girls! He is a shifty albeit a handsome character, but a murderer? Hmmm,.. I’m still mulling it over.

And yes, Beth and Mark’s daughter is beautiful but Elizabeth, yes maybe it is short for Lizzie after Beth’s mother, who I still can’t quite workout why they killed her off, but could it also be shortened to Ellie? Maybe?

 A non-stop drama, emotional roller-coaster of an episode, and frankly next Monday can’t come quick enough – (never thought I’d say that!)

Loyal fans took to Twitter again to express their views and Broadchurch came out on top one again:

Genevieve tweeted: ‘I swear this season of #Broadchurch is surpassing last season!’

Lisa Waddington said: ‘Sat here sobbing my heart out at the baby scene in #broadchurch “we’re going to get it right this time”.

 Lucy M added : ‘Jobs done, wash on, bucket of tea made. Time for Broadchurch!’

Tegan Wooding commented: ‘Broadchurch puts me into physical pain. I cannot handle this anxiety. #StillLoveItThough

BROADCHURCH: Second episode leaves us in suspense and asking even more questions…

LAST night’s second episode had a lot to live up to, as the first one was just as explosive as we had hoped.

The poor Lattimer family. As if their son’s murder wasn’t bad enough, but they had to sit back and do nothing while his body was dug up for another post-mortem, only to be told that no new information was found! Give that a family a break!

Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Phoebe Waller-Bridge were fantastic last night. Both women play Joe’s lawyers who are more than determined to prove his innocence.

They are both, in particular Marianne’s character, tenacious and ruthless women. I think everyone’s’ heart sunk when she started quizzing Beth about her marriage after beginning so sweetly with : ‘I’m a mother myself, so I will keep this short.’

Beth’s point that this case was about her son’s death NOT about Mark’s secret night liaisons with Becca Fisher, was so on point that it was hard to watch her crumble in the dock.

The scene between Ellie and new character Claire was touching. Both women bonded over broken marriages, criminal husbands and of course, chips.

I can’t help but wonder if Claire is holding back on the Sandbrook case. Is she working with Ashworth? Does she know what happened to those poor girls, and if so why is she hiding it?

So our new questions are: Where has Ashworth taken Claire? Why is Paul going back and forth to visit Joe after everything?  Why are Joe’s lawyers determined to win, when everyone knows deep down that he did it?!

And when will Beth stop taking out her anger on poor Ellie, who just wants to start again and try her best to move on with her life?

Since its second series debut, Broadchurch has been on everyone’s lips and summer holiday searches to Somerset and Dorset, to view those beautiful cliffs and walk in the steps of our favorite characters, are up by a huge 200 per cent.

With Beth going into labour at the worst possible time and Claire’s disappearance leaving DI Hardy at risk of another panic attack, we are left with yet another cliffhanger for another seven days!


Loyal Broadchurch followers took to twitter last night to voice their views:

Tony Broderick said : ‘Oh god it’s #Broadchurch time. Not sure my little heart can take it.’

Hanna Zidek: commented: ‘Hooked on #Broadchurch

Kenny Toal tweeted: ‘#Broadchurch is a prime example of how to take hold of the ball and run with it. Another great drama from #itv

Barry Spruce said: ‘Am hooked again with #broadchurch quality tv drama.’

Tune in next week at 9pm on ITV, to find out what will happen next.

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