Starbucks Wanker

Today I am one of those.

Maybe I shouldn’t buy my coffee here, but damnit I do like it, and I do support local places, and don’t particularly favour this place…

But, I need to calm down.

I am reminded of the Sex and the city episode, where main character and all round fabulous but selfish Carrie Bradshaw runs to her nearest store, escaping from her clingy but sweet boyfriend at the time.

She too is on her laptop in a busy cafe, wondering why people have been drawn here, and I find myself doing that too.

I can hear a few languages, some I’ve heard before, and people are mainly sat by themselves like me.

A couple is sat near me and I can feel the glare of the woman one me, so I angle my laptop away from her and turn my screen brightness right down.


(My view of Embankment station ^^)

And that Zayn and Taylor Swift song from 50 SHADES is on, and I find myself singing along, surprised at just how much I know and like this one..


Id love to plug cup the courage to ask people why they are here. Why they have chosen this place, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking…

How nosy of me. But I love people watching. Wondering what their relationship is with each other, where they’re headed and why?

But surely Im not the only one who thinks like this?

I ahem stumbled across this by author Simon Sinek:

“Starbucks was founded around the experience and the environment of their stores. Starbucks was about a space with comfortable chairs, lots of power outlets, tables and desks at which we could work and the option to spend as much time in their stores as we wanted without any pressure to buy. The coffee was incidental. “

Very true, no?




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