Broadchurch is back! Episode 1


I already cannot wait to find out who did it, and we have to watch 7 more to find out….!

I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen, and silence fell in our living room ( a rarity in our house).

So, we were thrust into the new series, with a powerful and emotional first episode, leaving us already caring for Trish and screaming to know what has happened.

And the odd couple have returned. Alec is back and appears to be a little softer than before, and Ellie is just as lovely, caring and tough as we remember.

Who is Trish? What happened? Is she telling us everything? And is it just me or was it a little strange when she asked the pair ‘do you believe me?’

And in true Broadchurch style, we are introduced to a number of new characters who could be attached to the attack or even the attacker himself…

So, we have met:

  • the curt shop owner
  • the friend and her (dodgy) husband and was it 50 (?) men at that party!

And of course, the Latimer family are back: Beth and Mark, Chloe and their youngest child, but they aren’t a united team… losing Danny has clearly broken them and even writing a book hasn’t helped…

I think Beth would be a great support to Trish but is she the right person for the job? I’m undecided.

But Alec and Ellie are on the case, and have (hopefully) already found the crime scene and can start investigating.


One episode in and I’m hooked. Roll on next Monday.



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