‘My son keeps asking me why can’t his friends come over?’ : Harrow family’s desperate plea to end fly-tipping hell

A father is desperate for the “disgusting fly-tipping mess” outside his home to be cleared as he says it’s affected his family’s life for long enough.

Mohsin Farooqi, 32, lives in High Road, Harrow Weald, with his wife Angelika and their three-year-old son.

The have had to deal with fly-tipping problems since they moved into their flat in February last year, and say people move their own rubbish into their street, forcing them to walk through the mess each time they leave their house.



Mr Farooqi said: “My son keeps asking why his friends aren’t visiting the house to play with him, but they don’t want to come here because of the disgusting mess.

“We keep our bins outside as the domestic one used to be filled with rubbish bags, old rotting food, and shop waste.

“The council focuses on the town centre, and doesn’t spend enough time on Harrow Weald, there are police and environmental officers in the town, but not in our area. We are being totally ignored.

“I pay council tax but do not think the money is going towards environmental services for the borough. I wish I could hire people to clear it but I don’t have enough money.

“I really hope this can be resolved for me and other people facing this issue in Harrow.”




The fly-tipping land has been labelled as “orphaned” meaning it is private land and not the responsibility of the council.

Mr Farooqi contacted Harrow council who told him a Public Spaces Protection order would be put in place to prevent the fly-tippers, but Mr Farooqi fears this will not help.

Harrow Cllr Graham Henson, portfolio holder for environment said: “We deplore this disgusting behaviour by people who have no respect for our community. We are dedicated to keeping our public highways free from this filth.

“This alleyway is not a public highway and doesn’t belong to the Council but we are looking at new ways to fight back against this vile behaviour – even on private land.

“Look out for our forthcoming Public Spaces Protection Order which will soon allow us to take tougher enforcement action against those who blight our borough, including fines for fly-tippers on the spot.”


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