So many issues, so little time…

So I popped into Cafe Nero today for my morning latte and having not had one in ONE WHOLE DAY, I was gasping and realised that I may have a caffeine problem, but that’s a story for another day..


I ordered a skinny latte, double shot to wake me up, no food no sweets, despite me checking that the blueberry muffin was only 412 calories and I was set on having salad for lunch and a gym session later.

The woman behind me had a nice checkered shirt on and was a little curvy.

She also ordered a latter and a pain au chocolat to sit in.. and I was taking mine to go.
Now I am a healthy person, I exercise 5 times a week, not including walking to work when its not raining (but I live in Wales and a rain-free morning isn’t a regular occurrence)
I eat salads or light food for lunch and snack on fruit or cereal bars.

I don’t let myself eat chocolate a lot, and think to myself that the Galaxy bar in the fridge can keep til Friday, because it’s the weekend and everyone deserves a treat! (yes I realise how I sound right now)


I really fancied that muffin in Nero, and sometimes at the gym I would rather be at home, in my pjs watching soaps and maybe eating ‘junk food’.

Every time i eat something bad (ice cream that is low fat, the odd chocolate bar, another slice of bread) I feel AWFUL.

Like i shouldn’t be doing it. And I totally agree that we should wear and look how we want to and be happy in our own skin and not judge others.

So why can’t I apply these rules to myself?

Why can’t I take a bad picture and laugh it off instead of saying ‘Take another one’ ?

Why can’t I think that this so called ‘bad food’ isn’t bad because I don’t eat it all the time and i do work it off..

Why can’t I be like that woman in Nero and just not care and enjoy a yummy chocolatey breakfast??
What is wrong with me??