BROADCHURCH: All good things……

Will Joe walk free?

AS the saying goes, all good things must come to and end, and unfortunately for us, it looks like Broadchurch isn’t coming back for a third series..

BUT do we want it to? This second series has been an emotional roller-coaster and in my opinion, just as good as the first one, despite what reviewers say.

Last night’s cliffhanger was jaw-droppingly good, and of course true Broadchurch style to leave us hanging on until next week. I could almost hear everyone scream at the television in equal despair, making us wait to find out Joe’s fate.

So happy for Jocelyn, on finally admitting her feeling for Maggie and being brave enough to say what appears to have been bottled up inside of her for years. Fortunately, she must have had years of dealing with stubborn lawyers and I’m guessing that’s why she hasn’t slapped Sharon yet.

I’m still curious to know what happened to her son, but I have a feeling that he is not all sweet and innocent as she is making him out to be.

Will the Latimer’s stay together? The more Beth ponders whether to stay with Mark, the more I’m unsure of it as well. Perhaps her finding out about the letter was too much for her, and the last thing she needs is more stress with her situation.

Claire is just as frustrating as always, and personally I found it hard to feel sorry for her when Ashworth dragged her by her hair and almost drowned her in that cold-looking Broadhcurch sea.

At least she seems to be seeking help and a better life for herself, and giving the pendant away was a good choice on her behalf, for a change! But what is she hiding and what secret is Lee hiding for her?

Hardy appears to be on top form, let’s hope he stays this way, with only one more episode to go, surely he can hang on can’t he? I don’t think I ca handle another David Tenannt style death! ( Yes, I remember his doctor’s regeneration like it was yesterday, and I still well up…)

Ellie seems to be in full swing, so that’s one less to worry about. I cannot wait to find out what happened to these poor Sandbrook girls and to see Joe sent her down (crossing everything!)

What is the meaning of the bluebells? Will Hardy and Miller crack the Sandbrook case and will the writers let it be a rare happy ending and let everyone move on from this tragedy?

Phillip Schofield ‏tweeted: ‘Aaaaaaaaarrghhhh!!!! #Broadchurch

Manon Medi asked: ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! #Broadchurch how could you!!!’

heat and heat ‘Fuming Broadchurch! Tell us now!!! #Broadchurch

Jane Hollier Brown: ‘Sitting on the couch until the next ep of #Broadchurch as a protest against nail-biting cliffhangers’.

David Thomas said: ‘Last year I had worked it out by now and I was right. This year I haven’t got a clue #broadchurch

Ben Conway stated: ‘Joe Miller will be found innocent and is then murdered. Season 3 in the bag! #Broadchurch


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