BROADCHURCH: So many questions, so little time!


FOR me, Broadchurch is possibly the best thing about Mondays but must they insist on taking us on an emotional rollercoaster ride during every episode?

I read online that one reviewer said the episode was the weakest one of them all so far, and I have to disagree. It may not have been as fats-paced or a non-stop drama thriller, but it did leave us asking more questions and revealed more secrets about the new characters that we are desperate to know!

Where to begin? Again, poor poor Ellie. It’s really bothering me that Tom is blaming his mother and disrespects her in that tone of voice.

And that hugged looked painful, it clearly took everything in her not to breakdown in the living room. Thank God for Fred! She may be a mess right now, but Ellie is dedicated to her sons and wouldn’t let them go for good without a good fight.

At least she threw herself into the Sandbrook murder case and picked up on something useful that Hardy missed, and that furnace we saw at the end of the episode was horrific. I think it might be what we think it is too.. Not good.

Shaun Dooley is playing a great part with Ricky. What is his problem with Lee, as the brief flashback showed us that they were friends..

I’m not sure if I believe he was having an affair with Lisa, but there could have been something there or possibly with Ashworth.. So hard to tell when Broadchurch gives you a little something and then quickly snatches it away leaving us confused but excited to find out more.

And what did Sharon Bishop’s son do to land him in prison? No wonder she is angry all the time and determined to help other criminals escape from prison!

I was glad to see Jocelyn tear Susan Wright to pieces in court, how dare she try and blame the police or her son on Danny’s murder!

Poor Nige, we know he’s innocent! Leave him alone, Susan!

One of the many conversations that triggered my curiosity was that of Jocelyn and Mark’s on the cliff. Why did she bring up the fact that an hour is missing from Mark’s account on the night of Danny’s death? Let’s hope they don’t tear him apart on the witness stand, we all know he has a temper..

And poor Paul the vicar. He should never have visited Joe in prison and now he’s being almost blackmailed into being a character witness for him? Now there’s an awkward situation for you..

Claire is starting to annoy me. Is there anyone she hasn’t slept with by now? Does she even have a role in the Sandbrook murders or is she just as blind as the rest of us?

With just three episodes to go, there are so many unanswered questions and so much to wrap up, I really hope it reveals all and we aren’t left in the dark, because there can’t be a Broadhchurch series 3….. Can there?

One again, Twitter was buzzing last night with Broadchurch tweets:

Theodora Wayte said: ‘Claire is rather annoying – I wouldn’t be sad to see the end of her.’

Jaz asked: ‘Why have I never watched broadchurch before?’

Lynda said: ‘Don’t care what the critics or sceptics say about Broadchurch. I’m loving it.#Broadchurch

Ana commented: ‘PROTECT ELLIE MILLER AT ALL COSTS #Broadchurch


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