BROADCHURCH: I am more confused than ever, but I’m OK with that..


FOUR episodes in and the writers just keep on throwing questions up in the air, leaving us screaming at the television for answers!

There’s still something fishy about Lee Ashworth, and new guy Ricky gives me the creeps, thought his bluebells picture in the background, has at least tried to give us some clues as to the significance of those flowers.

Meeting Hardy’s daughter and ex wife was a surprise, and a welcome one, as we saw just saw much he missed his grown up daughter and how far he would go to protect them both.

Last night’s episode was full of drama, yes, but much less so than the previous three. We learnt a bit more about the Sandbrook case, and I am certain that will leave us just as shell-shocked at the Broadchurch case did.

The witnesses for the case against Joe aren’t exactly helping the case, what was Lucy playing at?

I keep forgetting that Joe’s lawyers haven’t been through Broadchurch series one like we did, they didn’t cry with Beth and Mark, and of course, they didn’t see the actual death scene, where Joe DID it.

As much as I try and remember all this, I do hate them for trying to switch the blame and feed Joe lie after lie…

I must say, Mark Latimer seems to be turning a corner, and he really appears to be making an effort with newborn Lizzie. It made me sad to think that he will always be known for being a rubbish and abusive dad to Danny, but at least he seems to be making amends. Let’s hope it lasts.

When I saw Pauline Quirke’s character arrive, I couldn’t think of why she is back, but then she told estranged son Nige that she was dying. Sad yes, but she’s not exactly a likable character, but I thought that was that.

And then she stood up in court and lied. Cue millions of jaws dropping and screams of anger across the nation.

My ‘Surely Joe won’t get away with it’ way of thinking, even has me doubting how this series will wrap up!

Luckily, it would appear that I’m not alone in my Broadchurch-mind-boggling world, as fans took to Twitter following last night’s cliffhanger:

Miranda Dikinson said: “Blimey, @ChrisChibnall, you’re packing in more twists than a CurlyWurly… Awesome stuff! #Broadchurch

Swuidgy tweeted: “Broadchurch is doing my head in. It’s so good but so frustrating and addictive and I hate having 1 ep per week.”

Avinash D’Rosario commented: “Watching #broadchurch which the family. It’s getting intense as hell.”

Carole: “Still a bit confused about last nights #Broadchurch Think I may need to watch the last series again before next week!”


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