BROADCHURCH: Everyone needs to stop blaming Ellie and take a closer look at themselves!

As a big fan of Broadchurch, I LOVE that I can write a weekly blog via the local paper I write for Carmarthen Journal.

This piece is clearly last weeks, and I CANNOT wait for tonight’s! Will post tonight’s sooner as well!

Any other Broadchurch fans out there?


Ep 3:

WELL, we didn’t see that one coming!

Poor, poor Ellie Miller! Thrown out of the Latimer’s house, getting drunk and regretting an awkward one night stand and being accused of having an affair with DI Hardy?! That’s a bad week by anybody’s standards!

 “I am not the guilty one, here. I AM NOT,” – screamed Ellie in the opening scene.

Once again, Broadchurch gripped us and sucked us into the non-stop drama that was last night’s third episode.

We left Ellie in the court on the verge of a break-down after Joe’s lawyer ripped their marriage to shreds and accused Ellie of having and affair with Alec! Has she not met DI Hardy?

There is no way those two could have been having an affair, and despite rumours, I disagree that their constant arguing is to cover sexual tension, and really don’t see that happening! Surely we would have picked up on that in series one, but if we’re honest, they’re barley colleagues anymore let alone friends or anything else!

At least we know why Joe’s defence lawyer, Sharon Bishop, is the mean-spirited woman she is So why is her son in prison, and why couldn’t she get him off, surely she was defending him? True to Broadchurch style, even the new characters have a past!

Talking of pasts.. what is going on with Prosecution Barrister, Jocelyn Knight? She seems to have lost her touch in her older years and is clearly struggling to pay the bills for her sick mother, and maybe going blind? Not good.

Claire and Ellie’s rather strange ‘girls night out- because we have (possible) murderous husbands in common’ was a very bad idea, but at least Ellie was on top form glancing at Claire’s phone and asking her about ‘that night.’

So apparantley, Ashworth drugged Claire and she woke up at 5am to find him frantically cleaning the house?!

 Perhaps she is innocent and in the dark about what has happened, but I can’t help but think she is hiding something else, but it’s too obvious that Ashworth killed both girls! He is a shifty albeit a handsome character, but a murderer? Hmmm,.. I’m still mulling it over.

And yes, Beth and Mark’s daughter is beautiful but Elizabeth, yes maybe it is short for Lizzie after Beth’s mother, who I still can’t quite workout why they killed her off, but could it also be shortened to Ellie? Maybe?

 A non-stop drama, emotional roller-coaster of an episode, and frankly next Monday can’t come quick enough – (never thought I’d say that!)

Loyal fans took to Twitter again to express their views and Broadchurch came out on top one again:

Genevieve tweeted: ‘I swear this season of #Broadchurch is surpassing last season!’

Lisa Waddington said: ‘Sat here sobbing my heart out at the baby scene in #broadchurch “we’re going to get it right this time”.

 Lucy M added : ‘Jobs done, wash on, bucket of tea made. Time for Broadchurch!’

Tegan Wooding commented: ‘Broadchurch puts me into physical pain. I cannot handle this anxiety. #StillLoveItThough


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