BROADCHURCH: Second episode leaves us in suspense and asking even more questions…

LAST night’s second episode had a lot to live up to, as the first one was just as explosive as we had hoped.

The poor Lattimer family. As if their son’s murder wasn’t bad enough, but they had to sit back and do nothing while his body was dug up for another post-mortem, only to be told that no new information was found! Give that a family a break!

Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Phoebe Waller-Bridge were fantastic last night. Both women play Joe’s lawyers who are more than determined to prove his innocence.

They are both, in particular Marianne’s character, tenacious and ruthless women. I think everyone’s’ heart sunk when she started quizzing Beth about her marriage after beginning so sweetly with : ‘I’m a mother myself, so I will keep this short.’

Beth’s point that this case was about her son’s death NOT about Mark’s secret night liaisons with Becca Fisher, was so on point that it was hard to watch her crumble in the dock.

The scene between Ellie and new character Claire was touching. Both women bonded over broken marriages, criminal husbands and of course, chips.

I can’t help but wonder if Claire is holding back on the Sandbrook case. Is she working with Ashworth? Does she know what happened to those poor girls, and if so why is she hiding it?

So our new questions are: Where has Ashworth taken Claire? Why is Paul going back and forth to visit Joe after everything?  Why are Joe’s lawyers determined to win, when everyone knows deep down that he did it?!

And when will Beth stop taking out her anger on poor Ellie, who just wants to start again and try her best to move on with her life?

Since its second series debut, Broadchurch has been on everyone’s lips and summer holiday searches to Somerset and Dorset, to view those beautiful cliffs and walk in the steps of our favorite characters, are up by a huge 200 per cent.

With Beth going into labour at the worst possible time and Claire’s disappearance leaving DI Hardy at risk of another panic attack, we are left with yet another cliffhanger for another seven days!


Loyal Broadchurch followers took to twitter last night to voice their views:

Tony Broderick said : ‘Oh god it’s #Broadchurch time. Not sure my little heart can take it.’

Hanna Zidek: commented: ‘Hooked on #Broadchurch

Kenny Toal tweeted: ‘#Broadchurch is a prime example of how to take hold of the ball and run with it. Another great drama from #itv

Barry Spruce said: ‘Am hooked again with #broadchurch quality tv drama.’

Tune in next week at 9pm on ITV, to find out what will happen next.

Via Carmarthen Journal. 


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