Broadchurch fans delighted as second series is back with a bang!

THE second series of the critically acclaimed and most successful TV ‘who dunnit’ plot line, was back on our screens last night, and has already left us longing for next Monday.

At the end of only the first episode into the second series, there are so many unanswered questions, leaving us hooked, once again!

Series one ended with us finally learning the truth of what happened to Danny Lattimer, and more importantly who was behind his tragic death. Ellie had left with her children to try and pick up the pieces of what family life they had left, and DI Alec Hardy had stayed.


The Lattimer’s appeared to be moving on, slowly, but we were given the impression that the worst was over.

Well, didn’t episode one just throw a curve ball in and change all of that!

Watching Beth cry over Danny and her anguish over the new baby, and Ellie’s life still in shreds left us right back to series one, not knowing what is going to happen next, but what we do know is that we are definitely watching next week!

There has been much speculation over the new cast members and each of the characters introduced here had key roles to play.

As well as Myles, others included a commanding Marianne Jean Baptiste as Miller’s new defence lawyer Sharon Bishop, and most tantalisingly, Charlotte Rampling, as Jocelyn Knight, a retired barrister ‘marinating in self pity.’

David Tennant and Olivia Colman were, as always, fantastic, and it was great to see their partnership back together at last – even if they don’t see it that way yet.

I couldn’t help but like how one episode can leave us asking so many questions, proving to us that the second series could be just as gripping as the first one.

Why did Joe change his plea last minute? What has Mark got in mind for Tom? Will Alec Hardy ever get to the bottom of the Sandbrook murders, and will Beth ever be able to accept her son’s death and embrace her new child?


Fans have already posted their thoughts on series 2 episode 1 via twitter:

Natasha Newcombe said: “#Broadchurch was so excellent last night! #BroadchurchReturns#obsessed”

Elen Morgan tweeted: “Ooooooow its back with a bang!! @BroadchurchTV#hooked#Broadchurch”

Tom Ellis said: “Broadchurch was excellent tonight. Brilliant series opener. What an incredible cast. Can’t wait for it to unfold #Broadchurch”

Manon Medi said: “Love love LOVE #Broadchurch!”

Zoe said: “SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS! #Broadchurch”

Tune in to ITV next Monday at 9pm to see the second episode and plot-line slowly unravel before our eyes.



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