BROADCHURCH: I am more confused than ever, but I’m OK with that..


FOUR episodes in and the writers just keep on throwing questions up in the air, leaving us screaming at the television for answers!

There’s still something fishy about Lee Ashworth, and new guy Ricky gives me the creeps, thought his bluebells picture in the background, has at least tried to give us some clues as to the significance of those flowers.

Meeting Hardy’s daughter and ex wife was a surprise, and a welcome one, as we saw just saw much he missed his grown up daughter and how far he would go to protect them both.

Last night’s episode was full of drama, yes, but much less so than the previous three. We learnt a bit more about the Sandbrook case, and I am certain that will leave us just as shell-shocked at the Broadchurch case did.

The witnesses for the case against Joe aren’t exactly helping the case, what was Lucy playing at?

I keep forgetting that Joe’s lawyers haven’t been through Broadchurch series one like we did, they didn’t cry with Beth and Mark, and of course, they didn’t see the actual death scene, where Joe DID it.

As much as I try and remember all this, I do hate them for trying to switch the blame and feed Joe lie after lie…

I must say, Mark Latimer seems to be turning a corner, and he really appears to be making an effort with newborn Lizzie. It made me sad to think that he will always be known for being a rubbish and abusive dad to Danny, but at least he seems to be making amends. Let’s hope it lasts.

When I saw Pauline Quirke’s character arrive, I couldn’t think of why she is back, but then she told estranged son Nige that she was dying. Sad yes, but she’s not exactly a likable character, but I thought that was that.

And then she stood up in court and lied. Cue millions of jaws dropping and screams of anger across the nation.

My ‘Surely Joe won’t get away with it’ way of thinking, even has me doubting how this series will wrap up!

Luckily, it would appear that I’m not alone in my Broadchurch-mind-boggling world, as fans took to Twitter following last night’s cliffhanger:

Miranda Dikinson said: “Blimey, @ChrisChibnall, you’re packing in more twists than a CurlyWurly… Awesome stuff! #Broadchurch

Swuidgy tweeted: “Broadchurch is doing my head in. It’s so good but so frustrating and addictive and I hate having 1 ep per week.”

Avinash D’Rosario commented: “Watching #broadchurch which the family. It’s getting intense as hell.”

Carole: “Still a bit confused about last nights #Broadchurch Think I may need to watch the last series again before next week!”


BROADCHURCH: Everyone needs to stop blaming Ellie and take a closer look at themselves!

As a big fan of Broadchurch, I LOVE that I can write a weekly blog via the local paper I write for Carmarthen Journal.

This piece is clearly last weeks, and I CANNOT wait for tonight’s! Will post tonight’s sooner as well!

Any other Broadchurch fans out there?


Ep 3:

WELL, we didn’t see that one coming!

Poor, poor Ellie Miller! Thrown out of the Latimer’s house, getting drunk and regretting an awkward one night stand and being accused of having an affair with DI Hardy?! That’s a bad week by anybody’s standards!

 “I am not the guilty one, here. I AM NOT,” – screamed Ellie in the opening scene.

Once again, Broadchurch gripped us and sucked us into the non-stop drama that was last night’s third episode.

We left Ellie in the court on the verge of a break-down after Joe’s lawyer ripped their marriage to shreds and accused Ellie of having and affair with Alec! Has she not met DI Hardy?

There is no way those two could have been having an affair, and despite rumours, I disagree that their constant arguing is to cover sexual tension, and really don’t see that happening! Surely we would have picked up on that in series one, but if we’re honest, they’re barley colleagues anymore let alone friends or anything else!

At least we know why Joe’s defence lawyer, Sharon Bishop, is the mean-spirited woman she is So why is her son in prison, and why couldn’t she get him off, surely she was defending him? True to Broadchurch style, even the new characters have a past!

Talking of pasts.. what is going on with Prosecution Barrister, Jocelyn Knight? She seems to have lost her touch in her older years and is clearly struggling to pay the bills for her sick mother, and maybe going blind? Not good.

Claire and Ellie’s rather strange ‘girls night out- because we have (possible) murderous husbands in common’ was a very bad idea, but at least Ellie was on top form glancing at Claire’s phone and asking her about ‘that night.’

So apparantley, Ashworth drugged Claire and she woke up at 5am to find him frantically cleaning the house?!

 Perhaps she is innocent and in the dark about what has happened, but I can’t help but think she is hiding something else, but it’s too obvious that Ashworth killed both girls! He is a shifty albeit a handsome character, but a murderer? Hmmm,.. I’m still mulling it over.

And yes, Beth and Mark’s daughter is beautiful but Elizabeth, yes maybe it is short for Lizzie after Beth’s mother, who I still can’t quite workout why they killed her off, but could it also be shortened to Ellie? Maybe?

 A non-stop drama, emotional roller-coaster of an episode, and frankly next Monday can’t come quick enough – (never thought I’d say that!)

Loyal fans took to Twitter again to express their views and Broadchurch came out on top one again:

Genevieve tweeted: ‘I swear this season of #Broadchurch is surpassing last season!’

Lisa Waddington said: ‘Sat here sobbing my heart out at the baby scene in #broadchurch “we’re going to get it right this time”.

 Lucy M added : ‘Jobs done, wash on, bucket of tea made. Time for Broadchurch!’

Tegan Wooding commented: ‘Broadchurch puts me into physical pain. I cannot handle this anxiety. #StillLoveItThough

BROADCHURCH: Second episode leaves us in suspense and asking even more questions…

LAST night’s second episode had a lot to live up to, as the first one was just as explosive as we had hoped.

The poor Lattimer family. As if their son’s murder wasn’t bad enough, but they had to sit back and do nothing while his body was dug up for another post-mortem, only to be told that no new information was found! Give that a family a break!

Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Phoebe Waller-Bridge were fantastic last night. Both women play Joe’s lawyers who are more than determined to prove his innocence.

They are both, in particular Marianne’s character, tenacious and ruthless women. I think everyone’s’ heart sunk when she started quizzing Beth about her marriage after beginning so sweetly with : ‘I’m a mother myself, so I will keep this short.’

Beth’s point that this case was about her son’s death NOT about Mark’s secret night liaisons with Becca Fisher, was so on point that it was hard to watch her crumble in the dock.

The scene between Ellie and new character Claire was touching. Both women bonded over broken marriages, criminal husbands and of course, chips.

I can’t help but wonder if Claire is holding back on the Sandbrook case. Is she working with Ashworth? Does she know what happened to those poor girls, and if so why is she hiding it?

So our new questions are: Where has Ashworth taken Claire? Why is Paul going back and forth to visit Joe after everything?  Why are Joe’s lawyers determined to win, when everyone knows deep down that he did it?!

And when will Beth stop taking out her anger on poor Ellie, who just wants to start again and try her best to move on with her life?

Since its second series debut, Broadchurch has been on everyone’s lips and summer holiday searches to Somerset and Dorset, to view those beautiful cliffs and walk in the steps of our favorite characters, are up by a huge 200 per cent.

With Beth going into labour at the worst possible time and Claire’s disappearance leaving DI Hardy at risk of another panic attack, we are left with yet another cliffhanger for another seven days!


Loyal Broadchurch followers took to twitter last night to voice their views:

Tony Broderick said : ‘Oh god it’s #Broadchurch time. Not sure my little heart can take it.’

Hanna Zidek: commented: ‘Hooked on #Broadchurch

Kenny Toal tweeted: ‘#Broadchurch is a prime example of how to take hold of the ball and run with it. Another great drama from #itv

Barry Spruce said: ‘Am hooked again with #broadchurch quality tv drama.’

Tune in next week at 9pm on ITV, to find out what will happen next.

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Broadchurch fans delighted as second series is back with a bang!

THE second series of the critically acclaimed and most successful TV ‘who dunnit’ plot line, was back on our screens last night, and has already left us longing for next Monday.

At the end of only the first episode into the second series, there are so many unanswered questions, leaving us hooked, once again!

Series one ended with us finally learning the truth of what happened to Danny Lattimer, and more importantly who was behind his tragic death. Ellie had left with her children to try and pick up the pieces of what family life they had left, and DI Alec Hardy had stayed.


The Lattimer’s appeared to be moving on, slowly, but we were given the impression that the worst was over.

Well, didn’t episode one just throw a curve ball in and change all of that!

Watching Beth cry over Danny and her anguish over the new baby, and Ellie’s life still in shreds left us right back to series one, not knowing what is going to happen next, but what we do know is that we are definitely watching next week!

There has been much speculation over the new cast members and each of the characters introduced here had key roles to play.

As well as Myles, others included a commanding Marianne Jean Baptiste as Miller’s new defence lawyer Sharon Bishop, and most tantalisingly, Charlotte Rampling, as Jocelyn Knight, a retired barrister ‘marinating in self pity.’

David Tennant and Olivia Colman were, as always, fantastic, and it was great to see their partnership back together at last – even if they don’t see it that way yet.

I couldn’t help but like how one episode can leave us asking so many questions, proving to us that the second series could be just as gripping as the first one.

Why did Joe change his plea last minute? What has Mark got in mind for Tom? Will Alec Hardy ever get to the bottom of the Sandbrook murders, and will Beth ever be able to accept her son’s death and embrace her new child?


Fans have already posted their thoughts on series 2 episode 1 via twitter:

Natasha Newcombe said: “#Broadchurch was so excellent last night! #BroadchurchReturns#obsessed”

Elen Morgan tweeted: “Ooooooow its back with a bang!! @BroadchurchTV#hooked#Broadchurch”

Tom Ellis said: “Broadchurch was excellent tonight. Brilliant series opener. What an incredible cast. Can’t wait for it to unfold #Broadchurch”

Manon Medi said: “Love love LOVE #Broadchurch!”

Zoe said: “SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS! #Broadchurch”

Tune in to ITV next Monday at 9pm to see the second episode and plot-line slowly unravel before our eyes.