I can’t shake the feeling that I need someone.

Not just want, I think I need that one.



Why can’t Christmas be like the films?

But, are we expecting too much?

While watching Home Alone 2 on the weekend, it got me thinking… Christmas in America, New York, it looks magical, full of happiness, lots of food and carol singers!

(Forgetting about children being left alone, and scary guys breaking in your house of course!)

BUT obviously in films, the classic cheesy music in the background, the loving looks, the location, everything seems so much better… but does it?

Having grown up with all these cheesy Christmas films, it makes me wonder, have these films been misleading us into believing that this is how Christmas should be?

That everyone will feel Christmassy, mums and children will bake homemade cakes and cookies that will be delicious, the house will be decorated with lights and mistletoe (but not too much that it borderlines tacky of course.. )

Each year, I always try to feel more Christmassy than last year, I eat Christmas treats, wear a Christmas jumper, sing along with Bing Crosby, and watch or record any Christmas films to get me feeling festive!

And why? Because for a few years now, I think that Christmas is about the lead up to the actual day, not the 25th itself.

Before the day, I spend time with friends and family and enjoy myself and Christmas day hasn’t been the same since I stopped believing, and I think it won’t be until I have children of my own! Sad? Maybe, but honestly, Im looking forward to those days, but I am in NO RUSH for those days to come yet!

Christmas is not perfect, and I don’t know why I try to make it so, every year. As I grow older I realise that families are not perfect, that even on Christmas day, there are tensions, the odd look, suggesting that no one is THAT bothered that it’s meant to be a day for ‘forgiving and forgetting’, according to Cliff anyway..

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Christmas day, being with family, the fun, the laughter, the food (!), but I think I expect something that isn’t there and has never been there..

I really hope I am not coming across as a Scrooge here because I like Christmas, but I think, I really need to stop expecting more than what will happen, and be happy with what Christmas is for me.


I really do hope you have a great time this holiday, and enjoy it anyway you want.