I think I understand why Grace Gelder married herself…

She liked it so she went and put a ring on it……

THE Guardian reported that a woman who had been single for 6 years decide to take the plunge, and say I do. To Herself.

Naturally, like many people, my first reaction was:


Many of us , including myself, can be cynical when reading articles like the one, but after reading it all through. I re-read it and now, I can honestly say that I understand why she did it.

There is nothing wrong with being single and being ok with it, so why should we judge someone for going that extra mile and telling the whole world they are ok with it, and maybe, a little bit in love with themselves.

The saying goes : “YOU have to love yourself before anyone else can”.

It appears Grace is, so why don’t we just be happy for her?

She also says that, despite her marriage to herself, she is still looking for that perfect person. Good for her, but hey, if it doesn’t work out she is comfortable enough to feel ok with being by her self.

In her now words Grace said: “This has given me this great sense of clarity. I seem to sense much more clearly than before if something is worth pursuing or best left alone.”

In a piece for The Guardian, Grace says that she had been single for six years. SIX YEARS. HOLY MOLY that is a looong time. I don’t know anyone who has been single for six months these days, or at least seeing someone/dating on and off.

Grace learnt more about herself and felt like she like grew as a person.

She said: ” Using meditation, dance and performance to increase my self-awareness. I was aware of getting into a rut, where a relationship with someone else seemed like too much hard work. So I really wanted to pay tribute to this adventurous period of self-discovery but, at the same time, look forward to a new phase.”

In March this year, she married herself in a wedding ceremony where 50 friends and family gathered to celebrate her big day.

I think Grace is brave for what she did, and even braver for telling the world.

If we can’t feel comfortable and love ourselves for who we are, how can we expect someone else to, or even allow someone else in?

Maybe marrying yourself is a bit much for you, but I think that we could all learn a lesson from Grace. I know I have to start concentrating on myself more, stop worrying about what others think, and feel ok in myself.

Hmmm, maybe we all need a bit of Grace in us….

Have a read of the whole story here:



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