OCTOBER is breast cancer awareness month

CANCER is a topic we as a society are finally willing to discuss openly with friends and family and more of us are standing up to cancer, refusing to let this horrific disease ruin our lives or the lives of our loved ones.

As brave as we now are to tackle this illness head on, more and more people are diagnosed with cancer every year, despite scientists working on finding a cure.

Breast cancer is still the most common cancer in women in Wales and every year over 2,600 women and around 15 men are diagnosed. Despite the disheartening feeling when being diagnosed with breast cancer, Carmarthenshire’s BMI Werndale Hospital released figures that showed a rare and positive piece of information where more women than ever are surviving breast cancer, all thanks to better awareness, screening and treatments.

The hospital says: “We are winning the battle but the fight must go on.”

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Carmarthenshire hospital is launching a downloadable guide to breast cancer with advice on breast cancer symptoms and self-examinations.

Consultant surgical oncologist Mr Simon Holt, from BMI Werndale Hospital, said: “We must never become complacent and always have to look for new ways to get the message across.

“That is why, as a doctor, it is vitally important to be involved in high profile events such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to encourage more women to take control of their breast health. Across the course of their life, every woman in the UK will have a one in eight chance of developing the disease. If you suspect or notice a lump or change in your breast it is imperative you visit your GP straight away.”

You can download the guide at http://www.bmihealthcare .co.uk.

And more and more people are getting involved to fight the disease. Carmarthen’s ladies fashion store Mossies held their own charity fashion show at Carmarthen’s Ivy Bush Hotel.

The Ivy Bush was taken over by 160 women who enjoyed an afternoon of dinner and conversation, and was the perfect chance to admire the clothes on sale, as modelled by many of the women who attended. One local Carmarthen networking group Beyond20 organised a lunch to help raise money for the Tenovus Cancer Charity.

Beyond20 unites women in business to meet and network over lunch within relaxed surroundings. The lunch gathered a big crowd and was a huge success.

A bag swap, pink dessert donations, online donations and donated stock raised impressive amount of £532.75 that will go towards supporting cancer patients and their families.

Co-founder of Beyond20, Jo Watson, said: “It was very successful with 31 ladies attending in total. And Marc Scaife, of Con Passionata created a pink-themed menu to coincide with the lunch event. Raising over £500 as a result was a fantastic achievement.

“All the ladies were very supportive towards our fundraising events.

“The handbag amnesty was very popular at the event where ladies brought a handbag they no longer wanted and could purchase another for £5, and the remaining bags will be sold via the Tenovus Carmarthen Branch.”

Cheryl George of Tenovus said: “Events such as the Beyond20 pink lunch helps Tenovus to raise vital funds and enables vital research in to prevention, diagnosis and treatment as well as support with the community to continue.

“We were delighted with the clothing donations which came at the right time for our Carmarthen store.”


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