What I learnt from SATC

1. Yeah, we can be one of those. Deal with it.


2. Sometimes its ok to be a little arrogant, especially when its true. AND It’s ok to vent. But not took much (Miss Bradshaw: take note)


3. Cosmos are always a good idea.


4. It’s important to feel good about yourself and to feel ok about being alone. Maybe not forever, but to at least feel comfortable in your own presence. MEN. ARE. NOT. EVERYTHING.


5. Unfortunately, if you live in the same town/village/city/island as him, this will happen. At least once.


6. As much as she complains, we all know she had a happy ending. So we can just giggle at this quote, right? Uh huh?


7. The truth hurts. But sometimes, we do need to hear it.



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