Getting a real buzz for alternative methods


Above: Christine Morgan, local beekeeper, myself and 30,000 bees!

FELINDRE’S National Wool museum will host a sustainable beekeeping event by two local bee keepers who want to share their alternative methods to keeping bees.

Hobbyist beekeepers Christine Morgan and Quaerina Chorley met at a beginner’s beekeeping course five years ago, and have since been interested in alternative and natural methods of bee keeping. Both women believe that there is a standard way of beekeeping that is known as the norm, but they would like to share their ways with others.

Teifiside Beekeepers’ Association is the women’s local group, who are always looking and welcoming new people to learn more.

Mrs Morgan keeps 15 hives and 7 bee boxes at her home near Talog in Carmarthenshire.

She said: “We believe in alternative methods of beekeeping and would like to share that with other. We are not intending to push our ideas on anyone because every beekeeper is different. There is so much more to learn about bees, you can never really stop learning about them.” Mrs Morgan believes in leaving the bees alone to make the honey, and rarely opens the hives in order to keep them from feeling distressed.

In recent years, there has a been a large increase in the amount of people who are keeping bees, especially corporate companies in London who keep hives on the rooftops of their buildings. There are several big green parks in London, but scientists are saying that the lack of pollinator-friendly plants in London is the reason for the decline in the bee population.

Mrs Morgan will share her bee keeping experiences with members of the public at the museum, and will explain how they can help protect these bees.

She added: “I think this idea is new for many people and we will be happy to answer any questions. I will bring along a frame from one of the hives to show the honey these bees can make. I think it is good to know the theory of beekeeping as well as looking into a hive.”

‘Living the good life’ will begin at 10am and is open to any keen bee enthusiasts or anyone who is new to the idea.

Visit the museum website for more information at


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