The Last days of Troy

What a performance!

I knew the jist of the play before it began and had performed in ‘Women of Troy’ in school, so I had an idea of the history and the type of story to expect.. but I didn’t know the effect it would have on me!

The Globe Theatre was the perfect setting for the Greek play. The wooden stage and seats took you back to older times, really making you feel a part of the drama.

From the opening line said by Zeus himself, I was hooked. It really felt like the actors were giving their all throughout the whole 3 hours. Perhaps they upped their game as this was their last performance, but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed.

Personally, the comedy elements from Zeus, his wife and daughter weren’t particularly necessary. The story, the mythology is not a happy one and as light hearted as they tried to make it with a few jokes and puns, I could have done without it.

My eyes were glued to the stage during the battle scenes. The tension had built up so much between both sides, the second act was intense and enthralling to watch! The eye gauging, the blood spilling from their throats looked so realistic, I squirmed but at the same time could not look away!

Lily Cole, the model/actress, was just as pale and beautiful in real life, and took the lead role as the infamous ‘Helen of troy’ very well. She wasn’t on stage as much as I thought she’d be, but when she was, she did the part justice.

Having said this, I will definitely try the £5 standing tickets for a performance and I know now to come well prepared with an anorak, umbrella and comfy shoes!




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