Let the right one in


“I’m not that. I live on blood. But I am not…that…Can I come in?


This drama has to be the creepiest, most eerie play I have ever seen in London- and I loved every second of it!

In the capital’s small Apollo theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, ‘Let the right one in’ is a short drama, and one that quickly sets the scene and pulls you in from word go with an air of mystery about it.

I purposely didn’t research the play before hand, as I wanted to have a clear open mind throughout. It was only 5 mins before the play that my friend turned to me and whispered ‘You know this is a horror story, right?’ Well, I did not. And not being a fan of Twilight and the whole vampire-blood trend, I didn’t know what to expect.

The story began with a cold blooded murder in the woods. A throat was cut, dark red blood fell all over the white snow and a body was hung upside down from the nearest tree. This was definitely unlike anything I had ever seen on stage before.

Oskar is a teenage and a lonely boy, living on an estate with his (what appears to be) an borderline alcoholic mother. His parents divorced a while ago, and he rarely sees his father. He is bullied at school and doesn’t have any friends until he meets Eli, the young girl next door who is more than little strange and smells quite bad. Their friendship grows, and Oskar soon realises there’s much more to this young girl, and he’s keen to find out what…

Award winning director John Tiffany has out done himself with this play, a hard task to do, after directing the very successful musical ‘Once’. The acting from the main characters were spot on, though I wanted a little more energy and feel from Eli’s father and Oskar’s mother.

The synced dances throughout the play were well choreographed and flowed well with the play’s style. I left feeling cold, despite the London weather staying warm all day. A moving, funny and scary play that everyone should look into, if you like watching something a little different from time to time.




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