What I learnt at University.

University is one of the most challenging three/four years of your life, and as well as learning from books and mentors, you can also learn a lot about yourself.

If you went to University straight after leaving school, then you will know that in those three/four years you will do more growing up and learn far more about yourself than any other time in your life.

You begin your University life as a fresh faced innocent “young adult” who is determined to work as hard as possible, unaware of the temptations of very cheap drinks at the SU’s most nights and the dreaded 9am starts you are about to face! You start a brand new journey of your life, unaware that these years could change you forever. Here’s the three most important things I learnt from my time:

1. You will meet friends for life.

Of course there is plenty of studying and all nighters to finish that essay you haven’t started but is due in at 8am, but through all of this you will have friends by your side. Good friends. Friends you will argue with, scream with, laugh with, cry with, but a few good ones will stay with you and you’ll be happy they have.

Graduation seems like a lifetime away during your first year, but before you know it you’ll be ordering your cap and gown and stressing out over which dress to wear and which heels will be both comfortable and ooze a little sophistical now you are a post grad.

Goodness knows how many pictures are taken on graduation, but I know that the people in those pictures were good friends, and still are. It’s true what they say, boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but friends are with you for life, and I am so happy I can look at those pictures and smile knowing these wonderful people are still a big part of my life!

2. Yes, your student loan is wonderful, but money isn’t everything…

Ah student loans, I do miss them. Receiving a lump sum every term is lovely, but I learnt that money does not buy you happiness, your friends provide that.

We all know student life means cheap drinks and cheap food because after our student fees and accommodation are paid off, there’s not that much left over. And so we are left to our own devices.

I remember spending many evenings in the University’s music studios trying to play instruments and singing along (badly) to classic songs with great friends. We didn’t need money, we had found good company and enjoyed our time together. Little did we know our carefree years would fly by us and we would soon be facing grown up life will of responsibilities and never ending bills, where money is more of an issue than we’d like.

Maybe it would be nice to go back, to live an easier life, but I suppose we all need to grow up sometime. *Sigh*.

3. Life.goes.on

University life is full of ups and downs, and I’m afraid that post-grad life is just the same. It may seem that there are more downs then ups, but life throws challenges at you, and the best thing you can do is to deal with it as best you can.

Life goes on after University,but it is a different life. A life we must enjoy and appreciate and one where we do not dwell on our past. The past is full of great memories, but that is all they are, memories. We must live in the present and look to the future, and be grateful for the friends we have made, the memories we can look back on and the excitement of the unknown that is ahead of us.


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