‘Isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?’

Ah, Love. That pain in the ass feeling that can put you up on Cloud 9 making you feel so high and happy with life, or can be so gut-wrenchingly painful that you wonder why you ever let your heart fall for him in the first place!

We are told time and time again to follow our hearts and to tell people how we feel before its too late, because life is too short and we should but its not that easy is it?

We aren’t all living in a fairy tale where love at first exists or us girls are merely waiting for Prince Charming to appear and ride off into the sunset and of course live happily ever after!

Now I’m not trying to be pessimistic. Honestly.

I think when it comes to love I’m a realist. I want to believe in soul mates, and there’s that one special person out there for everyone, but what if you don’t find that person? What if we don’t find them or even worse, we do find them and we mess it up! What happens then? Are we done? That’s it, you had your chance. Forever alone?!

If Sex and the city taught us anything (apart from that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan of course), is that love can surprise you. Just when you think you have fallen for the right man, something happens and all of a sudden he’s gone. Just like that. You have to get used to not seeing or speaking to that person every day and it can be really hard. I mean, who honestly thought Carrie would end up with Big?

The man broke her heart time and time again and even married a ‘stick insect with a bullshit name’ before realising that Carrie was ‘the one’.

In real life, would this actually happen? Surely if the man you once loved moved on and married someone else, you would call it quits, right?

While writing this, I could not stop researching into facts and figures about love.

I read that a huge 73% of people ‘settled’ with their current partner because they couldn’t be with their true love, but 46% of them would leave their relationships to be with their true love!

So why do we settle, why don’t we take that risk follow our hearts?Personally, I think we are afraid. Afraid of rejection and hearing what you really don’t want to, and kicking yourself for thinking you could have prevented it but you thought you’d try the whole ‘listen to your heart’ line!

Love is out there. I know sometimes it feels like it doesn’t. And it can be the worst pain in the world (no exaggeration) but when it’s good and real and true( yes i said it) it’s so worth it.

Let’s not stop believing because, despite everything, your heart knows what you want. And you can fight it as much as you want, it will win in the end.


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