The 39 Steps

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller has become a massive hit on both the West End and on Broadway, thrilling audiences worldwide, and as I recently saw for myself, it’s easy to see why.

It is London in 1935, when our story begins as the hero, Richard Hannay, is thrown into the deep end and his journey takes him up and down the UK as he tries to stop an organisation spies of spies title “the 39 steps” from stealing secret information.

With the helps of friends and foes along the way, and several love interest Hannay’s adventure is one you that will have you laughing, gasping and sitting right on the edge of your seats to find out more!

Full of humour, wit, twists and turns along the way, this absurd take is not one to miss if you crave something a bit different. This play takes the unexpected to the next level, leaving the audience in suspense from one scene to the next.

With an impressive cast of only 4 to provide the evenings entertainment, its clear to see how hard these actors work by transforming from one character to another by the mere switch of a hat!

Unlike other west end shows, this one breaks the fourth wall, allowing he audience to feel a part of it, yet it doesn’t seem out of place or out of character! We are merely invited into their world and are taken on the journey with them!

If you are looking for a show that’s a little different and a bit zany, then this show is the best to see in London. It goes that extra mile to be as weird and wonderful as it could be, and succeeds in every way!



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