If you haven’t seen it yet, go. If you have, go again!

Once is becoming the best latest romantic musical on Londons West End. The Phoenix theatre hosts this brilliant musical that differs from any other showing in the capital this year.

As soon as you walk through the door, the cast are already singing,dancing playing all and any instruments and inviting us to join them on stage.

An Irish busker is shown a new world when he meets a feisty young Czech woman who reminds him of his love and talent for music, as he realises just how much it means to him…

..And how much she does.

But of course, the road to love never runs smoothly, as there are pitfalls and arguments along the way, making us wonder how these two will end up.

The ensemble cast is always on stage, ready to switch locations from one scene to another in the slickest way they can. Each character has their own story and background that draws you in and as the story goes on you are willing the characters to find their happy ending

Dublin, Ireland, is the setting of this love story, where the characters laugh, live and sing in the city, highlighting the capital’s culture and how people are brought together through their love of music and life.

Declan Bennett shines as the lead, and silences the audience each time he picks up his guitar to sing so beautifully, you can’t help but swoon. The feisty but loving female lead played by Zrinka Cviteši, appears to save the male lead, but as the story goes on, it’s clear how much she needs him to save her.

It’s very easy to see how this musical won 8 Tony awards last year, including Best Musical on the London theatre scene.

A classic old fashioned tale of Guy meets girl, that will have you crying, laughing and will certainly tug at your heart strings one more than once occasion.


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