Life as a Berliner: Where it all began.. 2012

Life as Berliner is my new blog on my life in Germany’s capital city! I am currently here on a 3 month language course and will receive a work placement soon! I am here with ECTARC program which takes graduates abroad and helps develop their language skills and finds work for them in the country of their choice(within reason). I chose Berlin because I have always liked Germany, having visited Landsberg and Grunstadt in the South, and meeting some great people.

We all met in Llangollen, and stayed in a cosy hostel on the Main Road. There’s only 7 of us which is an odd number, and I much prefer even ones but I like our group. We all get on well and already have our in jokes (e.g peter davies!) I have always been a girly girl and Im so glad the two girls here are lovely and we always giggle together and the boys are polite and thoughtful (if a bit lad-ish on times)!

The flight went quickly, and we were all shattered in the taxi ride from the Airport.Only one of us lives in the East, and I really wish she lived closer, as the rest of us are in the West, and eve though we’re 20-30 mins away it seems a bit strange to me!


My flat/apartment is Wunderbar,I have a comfy bed, a good small kitchen and a bathroom with a nice sized bath! Yeyy! Every day for 4 weeks we have a 4 hour language class starting at 8.45 which is early but I am slowly getting used to the early starts, even if I have finished my “lunch” by 12am!

So far the language doesn’t seem to be a problem for me, though the grammar part does scare me a little, but I think if I learn it and get my head around it Il be okay. I like the German language, so I am enjoying learning it, and fingers crossed by May I shall be fluent!

It already feels like we have been here a while,yet it hasn’t been a week yet and so many problems have hit us e.g internet connection, German sim cards, timing, lack of sleep and boilers…

The food here is so tasty, and I think “Kaffee und Kuchen” will become a weekly routine! My nearest supermarket is very close and not too expensive either, however I will eventually venture into LIDL and ALDI with my bags for life and stock up!

We are due to meet up with a group that came to Berlin in January, and Im looking forward to meeting and talking to them too!

So far, very good. I cannot wait to hear where my placement is, fingers crossed its as good as one of the boys (Dave t) as he is chuffed, and I hope I will be too!


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