Life as a Berliner: Sunday brunch, anyone? 2012

For the past two Sundays a few of us have met up before 12 in the afternoon, to enjoy an all you can eat buffet at a reasonable price! We have been to the same restaurant in East Berlin twice now, as we know what it offers (and they say stick to what you know),but there are several around Berlin that offer the same. It’s so nice to meet up on a Sunday, and not worry about what to eat/buy for one day a week!

The buffet seves hot and cold food such as bread rolls, ham, cheese, scrambled eggs, peppers,chicken, fresh fruit, cereal and so much more! It costs €7,90 for the buffet and you can eat muh as you like including desert, if you can fit it in of course! It costs more for drinks but it’s not expensive, and the coffee/hot chocolates are delicious!

 It’s always packed there an we have been lucky both times to get a table, however the square where the restaurant is located, has many other places offering a Sunday brunch a little less/more, but I’m sure they  are just as filling!

I recommend “Sunday brunch” to tourist and locals, as it such a nice break from cooking for one night, and if you pace yourself and take your time, you won’t want or need to eat anything else for the rest of the day!



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