Life as a Berliner: East Side Gallery 2012

Today a group of us visited the East side Gallery and walked along the mile long wall viewing what artists had created on the Eastern part.

I think this was probably one of my favourite things we have done so far in Berlin. We have been waiting for a sunny day to view the wall, and I’m glad we chose to go when we did.

It was cold but that was expected, but the sun was shining and it was nice to be able to take our time to walk alongside and view it. The wall had several images and captions that artists had drawn/written based on their perceptions of the Berlin wall. The wall on the Eastern side was bright and colorful but some of the images showed how imprisoned and hard the German people felt towards the divide in the city.

The Western side was white but had graffiti over it, but did not look as appealing as the Eastern side.

I remember learning about the Wall and being told about its effects on the Berlin people, and seen good films such as Goodbye Lenin (what a film!) but seeing a part of the Wall itself, looking at it and thinking about everything I have been told was overwhelming.

So many people died trying to escape over the wall, and so many family and friends were separated, before seeing it myself it was hard to take it in, but being there just made it so real to me.

I think everyone should see this for themselves, even if you aren’t sure of the history of the Berlin Wall, there is plenty of information in Museums, in books and online! It really makes you think and gives you the smallest glimpse into what this city must have looked like and been like to live in, and only 23 years ago!

IMG_6666    IMG_6709



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