Life as a Berliner: All good things…. 2012

We are home! Our time in Berlin has come to an end, and we are safely back on Welsh ground!

Berlin has definitely been an experience I will not forget. I met some lovely people, from all different nationalities and they all helped me enjoy my time, and realize how much more of the World I am yet to see!

It is hard to pinpoint one highlight of the whole trip, as so many days and moments were memorable, its hard to choose a favorite one. I really enjoyed talking to new people, and the gang from Wales, relaxing in Berlin’s beautiful Park such as Gorlitzer, Victoria, and the old  Tempelhof airport!

I could not believe how big Wansee, Schlachtensee and Mugelsee lakes were, they were stunning places and close enough to escape the big city without being too far from everything.

On the plane home, we had a lovely view of one of the lakes from above, and thats when we saw how big they really were!

Life in Berlin was so relaxed and laid back, nothing ever felt too rushed and we could really take our time to enjoy the moment. Time has flown since February when we all first met in one of Llangollen’s (many) small pubs, and now we have separated and gone home. Back to reality.

I like being back in Wales, and I missed my home, family and friends so much, and I cannot wait to see them all! I know I will miss the independence, the good weather, the food and most of all, the company of people I will never forget in Berlin! As cheesy as it sounds, I met great people, and will miss not being able to send a quick text to see if we could make plans for the day!

Waking up in my own bed, in my room was surreal this morning, and I definitely was not expecting the good weather to travel back with us! I’ll miss Berlin, and I will go back, but not for a while. I think it’s time to see other countries before I make my way back to Germany… and I can’t wait!

gorlitzer      IMG_6605


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