Just above the equator: Surfing time! Jan 2014

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Surfing is such a workout!

WOW surfing is hard work! My arms are still aching!
Playa Grande attracts surfers form all over and it’s easy to see why, I had to give it a go!
I rented a board that was twice the size of me but apparantley it was the best for a beginner! I didn’t manage to stand up but I was thrown around enough by the waves I didn’t realise how forceful they could be! I’m definitely renting another board at the next beach I go to, so determined to stand up even if it is for a few seconds!
Don’t get me wrong, Tamarindo beach was very nice and I met some great people at the hostel. We spent a few days or evenings together, getting food, going to the beach, it was so nice to meet like minded people from all over the world. After 4 nights, I walked the short hike to where the river separates two beautiful but very different beaches.
Pic: Tamarindo to my left and Playa Grande to my right!
When I got to the river (above pic) I thought it was so narrow, surely I could cross that? Turns out the boat was needed as the driver pointed out two crocodiles, and I could just see their head floating around! Definitely a good call on taking the boat!
After a long, somewhat difficult walk along Playa grande beach, luckily I had been given directions from friends at Tamarindo, I was greeted to an open friendly hostel where Pura vida, (meaning pure life, live life to the full) was definitely the way of life here!

Mi Casa hostel was home for longer than expected, as Playa Grande was awesome! The were no tourists, no offers of drugs(!) just people relaxing, having fun and the sunset was beautfiul!

I ate breakfast twice at a nice bar/restaurant which had the world flags on show including the Welsh one, which made me smile!
I spent my days snorkeling, cycling around the island which was great excercise but pretty hard in the heat!
Below: Me looking attractive in my surfing gear!
The most memorable night was when a group of volunteers stayed the night, a mix of people from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Panama, and we all sat around a table playing Drunk jenga, where the one who broke the tower had to take shots of barcadi, rum and whiskey!
And now after 2 days and 4 bus journeys later I have arrived at La Fortuna! And I have to say, I already miss the beach…

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