Just above the equator: Home time!

March,  2014

I’m baaaack! After 56 days of new experiences, new people and a few surprises here and there, I landed in London with a beautiful view of the sunrise from the plane! So nice to see the UK again.
Above: The clear blue sea when we went snorkelling. One of my favourite days spent in Isla Bastimentos, Panama.
I cannot believe how fast my time here has gone. I remember thinking that this day was so far away when I first arrived in Costa Rica. Throughout my travels I made a list of what I have noticed/realised about myself and my surroundings. I actually wrote a lot more but cut it down as not to bore you!
What I have learnt from this trip:
1. The sunrise and sunsets here are both worth waitin for.
2. Playa Grande beach (below) could be my favourite place in Costa Rica, and yet it was unknown by many travellers I spoke to. It is beautiful.
3.  People are kind
4. You can never put on enough mosquito spray. Those demons are everywhere.
5. Howler monkeys/roosters/Tucans will wake you up most mornings and not stop until they know you can’t go back to sleep.
6. Other Solo travellers will be happy you started talking to them first.
7. Unlike the UK everyone says hello to you here. Everyone.
8. Couples are just as easy to talk to as solo travellers. And just as nice
9. I have missed people back home more than I thought I would
10. Ecuador coffee tasted a little better but I am still taking some home with me.
11. So much can be done by 10am
12. I prefer the bottom bunk (unless I go back to Lost and Found lodge, I will cross my fingers for the highest bed!)
13. Some people will steal your stuff, even where you think it’s safe 😦
14. Cold showers are so good.
15. You never know what the day will throw at you. Expect suprises
16. Being ill abroad sucks, but it’s made so much better when strangers you met the same day stay by your side to help.
Above: Panamas pacific coast.
I love seeing different parts of the world, and will definitely return to Panama and explore more of it and the other beautiful  countries surrounding it. Costa Rica was fantastic and I will always remember by time there fondly buy there are too many other countries in this world to see!
I’m glad I did this trip and I’m happy that I did it alone, I feel proud almost. A few years back I would not have even considered going to a foreign country on my own. It’s not half as scary/dangerous/lonely as people think. I’m already planning where to go next, so many places to see out there… No idea where to go next, but I can’t wait!

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