It’s my body and I’ll do what i want with it.

Feminism is an issue that has always and I believe, will always, cause arguments, debates and one that will not be discussed lightly.
Women throughout history have fought for equal rights with men, and Feminism is a movement that is still current in today’s society and unfortunately, is one that does not seem to be getting much positive press.
In the 19th century, women fought for the equal rights for  marriage, parenting and property rights. By the end of this century, Britain was introduced to the Suffragettes who fought for the woman’s right to vote.
Feminism is clearly still an issue in day to day life and we see it everywhere. In a recent public debate on popular social networking site Twitter, women’s rights on abortion was debated.
In her own controversial Twitter storm a dubbed  ‘wannabe celebrity’ and model Josie Cunningham was called ‘a stupid slag’ and was told that she ‘didn’t deserve to have children’ and so much worse that I can’t bare to write, after declaring to the world that she wanted an abortion in order to further her chances of appearing on reality tv and becoming a celebrity.
Many took to twitter, stating ‘I’m pro choice, but..’ and ended their tweets with horrible words slating Josie and basically saying what she was doing was wrong.
No. It was not right for anyone to send such strong hateful messages to this young woman. Abortion is not illegal in the UK, and I strongly believe that it is the woman’s choice to abort a child and no one else’s. Unless you have been in Josie’s shoes, and faced this dilemma, then how dare you judge her!
Ok, the way she said it wasn’t great, and that is what she is being judged on and if we have to judge her, what she should be judged on is the way she said it. To some, she may have come across as being harsh, but every “non celebrity” female who has an abortion has her own reasons, and we only don’t know their reasons because they aren’t in the public eye.
In 2012, the number of  abortions were over 180,000 in England and Wales. These women’s ages ranged from 14 – 44, a huge gap and perhaps a bigger gap than you weren’t expecting.
Maybe their reasons are similar to Josie’s, maybe not. No one has the right to say “Your reason is wrong, you should keep that baby.”
Feminism is about equal rights for women, and we can do what we want, say what we want when we want.

3 thoughts on “It’s my body and I’ll do what i want with it.

    1. I would say that I am in no position to judge what that man does. I have no idea who he is and how he feels, it would not be right.

      1. So it wouldn’t be fair to call him a “deadbeat” and lock him in debtors prison for life? This is what would happen if a man attempted to shirk his parental obligations the way that abortion allows women to avoid parental obligations. I personally think that it’s much more important to make sure that men have the same legal rights as women before we even attempt to tackle the social stigmas attached to the choices.

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